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Thank you to all the organisations and charitable trusts who have so very generously supported our projects and education programmes.

Current Supporters

Holroyd Howe

Founded in 1997, Holroyd Howe is a privately held company located in Berkshire, operating within the hospitality sector as a catering provider for independent educational institutions, spanning from preparatory schools to higher education establishments. 


“We are a team of foodies at heart, focused on developing our people and continuously improving our provision of freshly prepared handmade meals, that are both nutritious and delicious, every day.

Today, our foodservice is More than a Meal. Our teams work in partnership with our schools to create an inclusive environment so that those we serve form positive experiences with food.

Blending Menu Innovation, our sports-focused Nutrition expertise and future-proof methods for Sustainability, through food we’re proud to be feeding the Independent Minds of the future.”

Holroyd Howe adopted EYE Nepal as a chosen charity for 2021 – 2023.


The Fisheries

Founded in the year 2019, The Fisheries is a fully equipped creative co-working space within a 200 year old renovated warehouse, right in the epicentre of Hackney’s London Fields. Filled with natural light, tropical plants and homely furniture, the space is designed to be a home away from home, creating an environment in which people flourish. Complete with 150 desks and meeting rooms, the company operates on a membership model with three membership types: community, dedicated and office, with communal features open to all members such as: members’ events, event spaces and 24/7 access. 


The team at the Fisheries have raised funds for Eye Nepal in 2023 and 2024.

Northcote Hotel

Northcote is a luxury hotel and restaurant located in Lancashire, England. It is renowned for its exquisite dining experiences and high-end accommodations. The hotel is known for its association with Michelin-starred restaurant Northcote, which offers fine dining with a focus on locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Northcote Hotel also offers various amenities including spa services, event spaces, and beautiful grounds. The establishment has gained recognition for its commitment to culinary excellence and its role as a destination for both leisure and gastronomic experiences.



arena4finance specialises in the delivery of financial training and consultancy services for the hospitality, leisure, and tourism industries. A range of courses, workshops and digital content is available to enhance financial literacy and business acumen to support professionals working in these sectors. 


arena4finance provides administration and office support to EYE Nepal.

Oakman Inns

The multi-award winning Oakman Inns Group was founded in 2007 by entrepreneur and CEO Peter Borg-Neal.  The vision behind it was simple: to create the perfect environment to come and enjoy great food and drink whilst catching up with friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.  The company established a new concept of the ‘modern public house’ by successfully transforming both historic and modern buildings into contemporary spaces that have a strong sense of identity and integration within the local communities they serve. Oakman Inns now operates in over 40 locations, predominantly in the South East, and has a turnover in excess of £75m.

Oakman Inns has supported EYE Nepal with various fundraising events since our inception and we are hugely grateful for the continued support.

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Charitable Trusts

IYP (Island Youth Projects)

Established in early 2021, Island Youth Projects is an organisation founded by Paul Yearley and Josephine O’Neil and now has 15 active members across three countries. 


In 2023 IYP partnered with EYE Nepal to actively be involved to create an after-school learning centre in a village close to Bandipur. In addition to fundraising, volunteers from IYP travelled to Nepal to assist in the development project. The learning centre, which was completed in April 2023, is open after school and during holiday times to support the children in the remote village of Khahare. The centre will also provide additional community based educational support for local children and their families.


The local community was involved with the process, through consultation and the involvement community volunteers who aided the development of the project. The original building was renovated to provide a safe and sustainable learning environment for the children in the local area.


To conclude the project, a Sports Day was also held for 150 children in grades 1 to 5,  from Deurali, Dil Pra V and Bhanu Ma V, three schools in the local area, all of whom will be users of the after school learning centre.


‘It was not just the enthusiasm of the EYE team that attracted us to this project but rather EYE’s extraordinary track record of successful delivery of a sustainable educational programme that blends refurbishment of places of learning with funded teaching programmes across Nepal.’

Paul Yearley, Founder IYP, 2023

The Wilson Family Trust

The Wilson Family Trust is a family charity, founded on Christian principles to advance the Christian Faith through actions of generosity, principally to help and support Christian and other charities and organisations which aim to help and support the disadvantaged in society.

We are grateful to the Wilson Family for their ongoing support for projects at EYE Nepal.

The Simon Gibson Charitable Trust

This Trust is renowned for helping Registered Charities in many disciplines, in particular young people and the elderly.

Mr Simon Gibson, who farmed near Newmarket, established the Trust in 1975 as a general grant providing trust funds.  Since then, the Trust has been added to and built to a current managed fund value of over £16million. 


We are grateful for the grant funding provided for projects in the schools we support in Sankhu.


Interested In Becoming a Sponsor? 

To find out more about becoming a sponsor contact us at

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