Early Years

In Nepal

EYE Nepal is a small charity dedicated to enhancing the life opportunities of the poorest children in rural districts of Nepal through better early years education.  

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We work in partnership with local municipalities in rural regions of Nepal that provide back-to-back funding for our projects. 

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For further information please contact info@eyenepal.org 

Donations can be made to the following bank account:

 Sort code: 30-98-97

Account no 42972563

Bank: Lloyds Bank


Chairman’s Welcome  

We believe in education for all as a practical alternative to a life of poverty and the horrendous reality of child labour which is born out of lack of opportunity.


In the past decade Nepal has had to overcome civil and political unrest, an earthquake, and all manner of other economic difficulties. And now, with the global Covid pandemic, the country faces perhaps its gravest challenge. As a result of the current crisis, nearly all schools in Nepal have been closed for 8 months over the last year.


With so many children out of school, and an already fractured system brought to its knees, there has never been a more urgent need to support the early years education of some of the world’s most disadvantaged children.


During this global crisis inequality will grow, the most vulnerable and their children will suffer most as poor families simply do not have the means to provide adequate alternative education from home. Post-crisis it is inevitable that many children will not return to school and child labour and child marriage rates will once again soar.


Why We Do It

Nepal is famous for being the land locked home to Mount Everest, the world’s highest peak, and the vast Himalayan mountain range. Perhaps less well known is the fact that Nepal is one of the world's least developed countries with at least a third of the 26 million population living below the poverty line. 

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Agriculture employs 70% of the population


57% of people in Nepal exist on less than $2 per day


One third live at least 2 hours’ walk from an all season road


Only 5% of rural Nepal has electrification


5% of children aged 5-9 years in rural Nepal are estimated to be out of school

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24% of 4 year olds are not in pre school or primary school


In total, 800,000 children do not attend school at all in Nepal


During the recent COVID19 crisis, 95% of children did not attend school for over 8 months


60% of girls marry before 18, many before 14


80% of children will suffer from domestic violence

Our Mission

Eye Nepal believes that education is the way to unravel the chains of poverty. We seek to attract and retain children at school at a young age, to properly prepare them for later years of education and to improve their chances of success once there.

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To ensure that the early years education in the schools we support is inclusive and equitable in terms of access, participation and outcomes with a particular focus on those at the margins of society.

Our Vision



To increase student's learning through enhancing the relevance and quality of the learning environment, the curriculum, teaching and learning materials.



To provide training and methodologies to strengthen school level management.